Privacy Policy

Who we are

This website is owned and run by Wentworth properties, if you want to contact us the details are here or in the footer of the website.

What personal data we collect and why.

We only keep your information long enough to carry out the tasks you have asked us to do. We don’t sell or give your data to anybody else.
If you want us to delete your information, tell us and we will do so.

Outside of the information you explicitly give us we only store access logs to the server, those expire after a few months. We do that so we can identify spammers and other nefarious pests, in order to block them.

Contact and Valuation forms

We gather the information you provide in the form in order to service your request.



We use google analytics to work out how people use this website and what pages they look at etc. If you want to block those its fine you probably want to add an extension to your browser that blocks google analytics on all sites. Then you never have to think about them anymore.